Keisuke Wada, DMD, DMSc, 2011 Nevins Fellow:

1. What is your research focus?

My Research interest has been Bone Tissue Engineering using 1) biologics, 2) control released medicine with polymer technology, and 3) laser irradiation being able to modulate gene expression and the release of growth factors and cytokines from cells.

2. What has/have been the most significant contribution(s) of your research to our specialty?

My research was started with bone tissue engineering with biologics such as rhBMP-2. This procedure has been clinically introduced but not the best in terms of cost effectiveness.

After that I had been interested in cost effective bone regenerative procedure by modulating host inflammatory reaction using salicylic acid being control released from polimer (Polyaspirin), which has been successful not only normal animal but also diabetic animals in bone regeneration. The work was published in Journal of Controlled Release, the second highest impact factor journal in pharmacology.

Now my research aims at even more less cost and less invasive for effective and predictable bone regeneration, utilizing lasers.

Findings from the reviewed studies clearly demonstrate the ability of laser irradiation to modulate gene expression and the release of growth factors and cytokines from cells in culture.This could eventually contribute to higher clinical predictability and easier access to the bone regenerative procedures for both patient and clinicians so that the periodontics and implant dentistry will be more prevailing as a more successful procedure.

3. What are some future directions of your research program?

  • To find out the mechanism in cell level how to enhance the bone regeneration with Polyaspirin.
  • To find out the feasibility of Polyaspirin in bone regeneration with large animal model.
  • To find out an appropriate clinical protocol with lasers to achieve predictable bone regeneration in animals and humans.

4. What influence did the support from the Foundation have on your career as a researcher?

The opportunity to be supported by the AAP Foundation made me keep strenuous motivation to pursue biological and clinical research to open the next era.

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