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Dr. Daniel Engler-Hamm achieved all he hoped and more during 2006 as a Lazzara Fellow.

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“The Lazzara Fellowship enabled me to learn exactly what I wanted to learn. As a periodontist you focus on the treatment aspect and with the Fellowship I was able to expand my knowledge of what happens afterward and focus on implant dentistry,” says Dr. Engler-Hamm.

During his one-year Fellowship, Dr. Engler-Hamm was at the Tufts periodontal and prosthodontics program, where he undertook a wide range of activities and responsibilities: teaching, writing, and working on major surgical implant cases. As he neared the end of his Fellowship year, Dr. Engler-Hamm had completed nearly 45 implant cases as part of the Fellowship. In addition he completed more than a dozen surgical procedures related to implant dentistry, such as vertical ridge augmentation and sinus lift procedures during his year as a Lazzara Fellow. He also performed 30 implant restorations. “I received very advanced implantology experience during my Fellowship,” he says.

Dr. Engler-Hamm submitted articles for publication and his work appeared in Dentistry Today, Implants, and Implantologie Journal. He also took his Board certification exams, passing Part II in November 2006.

“Many things happened as a result of my being a Lazzara Fellow that I didn’t anticipate,” he notes. These included serving on the editorial board of two implant journals in Europe and becoming involved in the Dental Online College, an online portal that offers interactive courses and content.

Dr. Engler-Hamm feels the Lazzara Fellowship is an exceptional opportunity for young periodontists who wish to pursue an academic and research career and gain particular knowledge of implantology. “If you have a passion for this, the Lazzara Fellowship gives you the freedom to pursue it.”

Steven Schiess, president of BIOMET 3i notes: “The Lazzara Fellowship was created in honor of one of the true leaders and innovators in the history of implant dentistry, our co-founder, Dr. Richard Lazzara. The Fellowship is designed to support periodontal students and their institutions in their pursuit of excellence in implant dentistry. More importantly, the Lazzara Fellowship helps to perpetuate the legacy of innovation by collaborating with those who are truly passionate about implant dentistry today.”

The Lazzara Fellowship reinforces the American Academy of Periodontology’s goal of ensuring the specialty’s position as premier providers of implant therapy. Research generated by Lazzara Fellows expands the body of knowledge about implant therapy, benefiting both the specialty and the oral health of the public.


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